Being Happy Matters


Being Happy Matters

Peter Jennings

Being Happy Matters is a re-launch of a previously published book Why Being Happy Matters.* The updated Introduction references COVID-19 and how happiness can be an antidote to the stress and anxiety people are experiencing right now. The original volume presents interviews with people in Canada, the U.S., Asia, Europe and Australia, each of whom reveal what happiness means to them and why it matters. Readers will meet international PhDs who are actively studying the science of positive psychology (i.e. happiness). This book features Peter Jennings in conversation with 37 intriguing individuals, including John Robbins, heir of the Baskin Robbins empire (who tells Peter about turning down his inheritance and then losing his life’s savings in the Bernie Madoff scandal, but still exhibiting a positive outlook of happy perseverance to life’s reversals); Roko Belic, California-based Oscar-nominated director of the award-winning film “Happy”; Dr. Christine Carter, sociologist and positive psychology specialist at Berkeley University ; Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell (who shared with Peter the joy he gets from working with his buddy former President Jimmy Carter on key environmental issues); Major League Baseball legend Shawn Green; celebrated super-model & businesswoman Monika Schnarre; Time magazine humour columnist Joel Stein; 84 year old Playboy cartoonist Doug Sneyd; Leo Bormans from Belgium, author of the respected “World Book of Happiness”(who explains what lies behind his discussions with global experts); and much more.

“Happiness is booming!” says Jennings. “People who are happy earn more money, make better decisions, enjoy higher levels of trust, negotiate better, perform better, have more self-confidence and maintain better relationships. And yet, we in North America are doing a poor job of capitalizing on happiness compared to our global counterparts. We need to change this, and in the book I outline ways to do just that.”