Daughter of the Spirit

Daughter of the Spirit: Correspondence of Margaret Graham Wilson 2011

Edited by Margot E Wilson PhD

This volume is a compilation of letters written by Margaret Graham Wilson to her four daughter over an approximately 40 year period beginning in 1975 and continuing throughout the years during which the daughters were coming of age, growing into adulthood and beginning their own families. A chronicle of the ways in which the daughter’s lives are entwined with and influenced by Margaret’s attitudes and beliefs, the stories told here are offered as reminiscence and memoir.

To be a Daughter of the Spirit provides a consistent (and compelling) theme throughout the letters and a representation of the expectations Margaret placed upon herself: her touchstone for being a good Christian woman, wife and above all else, mother. Accordingly, the title of this volume signifies an allegorical standard of appropriate belief and behaviour, and the primary directive in Margaret’s life. Beyond this, being a daughter of the spirit was an aspiration she embraced tightly. The degree to which she judged herself to have met this mandate dictates the degree to which she could adjudicate her life as having been successful. Striving to be a daughter of the spirit informed her behaviours, strengthened her resolve, motivated her decision-making and coloured her perspectives on the world.

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