Magnovi: Secrets and Songbirds


Magnovi: Secrets & Songbirds

Magnovi Series Book 1

As whimsical as it is tragic, Secrets and Songbirds provides a deconstruction of the hero’s quest as well as a character study of the human condition. It is a dark fantasy that follows 10 diverse LGBTQIA+ characters, who hold equally unique ideologies. The story deals with mental health issues and trauma yet strives to be inclusive of the cast of diverse characters. Each chapter is titled after the character it follows. Although flawed in many ways, the characters’ personalities and perspectives are readily accessible to the reader.

Take Tenebrous, for example, a Mormagis, or “death-elf” in the common tongue, who is a necromancer from Trimoon College. Disillusioned with his extremely long life, he closes himself off emotionally from everyone out of fear that he will outlive them. Then, there is Elianora, a human, who is a part of the Heroes’ Guild. She deals with death and loss by drowning herself in heathenism. Alfarious has been a member of the Church of the Nine-pointed Star since he was an orphaned child but is slowly starting to lose his faith.

“My distaste for this world has caused me to make my own. Welcome to Magnovi.” ~ Jay H. Cults

Their lives, and the lives of the other characters, are changed in an instant when the nine kingdoms declare loyalty to a new emperor, something that has never happened before. For reasons known only to himself, on the day of his coronation, the emperor’s first decree is to recruit 18 people from the Church of the Nine-pointed Star, the Heroes’ Guild, and Trimoon college to undertake an imperial quest to the neighboring empire in search of the Library of Secrets.

Most think the emperor’s quest is a waste of time and lives. But the sanity of the emperor isn’t the only thing they have to worry about. War and political unrest are stirring up in the elven homeland and threatening a revolt. Now, Tenebrous, Eleanora, and Alfarious, along with the others, must put aside their opposing ideologies to work together. But old habits die hard, and they may be too set in their prejudices to be able to see that they are setting out on a fool’s errand.

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