Margot Wilson (Owner and Editor)

Castle Carrington Publishing is a small independent publishing house located in Victoria BC.  TransGender Publishing, Perceptions Press, Stephanie Castle Publications and All Genders Press are imprints of Castle Carrington Publishing.

We offer a wide range of supports for authors and researchers, including research design, interviewing, audio recording and editing, transcription, writing support, proofreading, copy editing, digital typesetting, cover design, photograph scanning and image manipulation and editing in preparation for publication.

We specialize in life history and biographical writing. If you are interested in writing your own life history, we can assist you. Or if you would like us to write your life history, we will conduct interviews, record and, transcribe our conversations. Then, we will write your story for you. You can choose from a number of final product options, including paperback and e-book formats, which can be made available for personal distribution or for general publication and sale.

The proprietor of Castle Carrington Publishing, Margot Wilson is a recently retired professor of Anthropology at the University of Victoria. Previously, Margot undertook anthropological research in rural villages, at a shelter for abandoned women and children and at the Danish-Bangladesh Leprosy Mission in Bangladesh. Publications on women’s narratives include: Daughter of the Spirit and Beyond Ideas of Wrong Doing.