Praise for Ruth’s Wonderful Song

***** Move over Taylor Swift. Hello Ruth Lowe! Truly a wonderful story! We came across the author in an captivating interview on TV in which he discussed his book “Until I Smile At You” about the life and times of Ruth Lowe. Little did we know he had also written a book appropriate for kids. Our children thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it had them asking many follow-up questions during subsequent dinner table conversations about the history of music and songwriting. They even requested to listen to the song and others like it. Needless to say, this was a welcome departure from the usual pop music that dominates the airwaves!

~CMJ, Canada, posted on, 5 stars

***** Captivating! This true story of Ruth Lowe is captured perfectly by Peter Jennings in a lovely children’s book. Ruth’s son Tommy tells the story of how his mom wrote her wonderful song that’s still listened to more than 80 years later. An inspirational, well-crafted book for kids that features beautiful illustrations.

~Rosie, Canada, posted on, 5 stars

***** A lovely story This is a beautifully written story about a exceptional woman. My five year old daughter loved the book and is now keen to write a wonderful song of her own.

~AL, Canada, posted on, 5 stars